Why the cloud

Glad Ltd by Guy Lafranchi and its creative collective, the Glad Cloud, take design challenges from project development (XL) to furniture and products (XS) holistically.

The Glad Cloud can draw on over 150 employees and the relevant disciplines involved, from design to planning to execution.

All cloud flyers are on the move and are always forming up anew agilely for each project.

The cloud formation consists of collaboration cells which, depending on the task, link together in the areas of project development, architecture and design and develop the processes and products “tailor-made” with you and for you.

Through the integration of international academic partnerships, the inclusion of research and development is constantly available in all tasks.

A personal network developed over many years and a permanently developing process pattern form the common “Mind-Set”.

My personal field of activity with Glad Ltd in all projects of the size XL–XS concentrates on the design and draft processes as well as with the XL project developments on the area of strategic planning.

Welcome to the Glad Cloud. Immerse yourself. Into a world where service and experience reinforce each other.